Gottman Institute Oriented Couples Therapy

Gottman Institute Oriented Couples Therapy offers a research-backed, holistic approach aimed at enhancing couples’ connection, comprehension, empathy, and awareness within their relationship.

Drawing from over four decades of dedicated research and clinical application in couples therapy, this method is designed to help partners recognize and alter defensive patterns that hinder effective communication and emotional closeness, paving the way for increased intimacy and relationship growth.

The Gottman Institute’s findings underline several core principles essential for nurturing a healthy relationship. These principles are emphasized and reinforced in Gottman Institute Oriented Couples Therapy, under the careful guidance of Gottman-trained therapists

Building Love Maps

Discover how well you truly know your partner, including their history, concerns, stressors, and joys, to enhance your connection.

Sharing Fondness and Admiration

Learn to express genuine respect and gratitude towards each other, fostering a closer bond and minimizing contempt.

Turning Towards Instead of Away

Improve communication by openly expressing your needs and welcoming your partner into your life.

The Positive Perspective

Adopt a constructive outlook when addressing problems, fostering growth and openness to different solutions.

Managing Conflict

View conflict as a natural part of relationships and an opportunity for growth, focusing on functional discussions and understanding the distinction between perpetual and solvable issues.

Making Life Dreams Come True

Support each other in a relationship that encourages sharing hopes, dreams, and values openly.

Creating Shared Meaning

Delve deeper into the goals, barriers, and narratives at the heart of your relationship.


Establish a foundation of reliability, knowing your partner prioritizes your well-being in their actions and thoughts.


Maintain a strong dedication to your partner, crucial for a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

For couples in Los Angeles seeking to strengthen their partnership through Gottman Institute Oriented Couples Therapy, the Los Angeles Therapy Institute stands ready to assist. Our professional and empathetic approach, grounded in straightforward language, aims to guide couples on their journey towards a deeper connection and understanding.

Discover how Gottman Institute Oriented Couples Therapy in Los Angeles can transform your relationship. Contact the Los Angeles Therapy Institute today to learn more.

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